What is the weight limit for your products?


As every child grows at a different rate, it's more critical to pay attention to your child's height than their weight. We recommend that you convert your crib to a toddler bed or stop using your crib when your child begins to climb or reaches 35" in height.  The warning for all full size cribs and all mini cribs is   *Stop using crib when child begins to climb out or reaches the height of 35 in. (89 cm). The average height and weight of a baby between 24 and 36 months is about 31 to 39 inches and 22 to 40 pounds. A baby of those heights can climb out of a crib and cause serious harm to himself/herself.

Each crib passes a 45 lbs weight impact test on slats and on the mattress support. 


Toddler Beds

The weight limit for toddler bed conversions is 50 lbs.


Full-Size Beds

The weight limit for full-size bed conversions is 500 lbs.


Gliders and Rockers

The weight limit for our gliders and rockers is 300 lbs.



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