What size mattress do your cribs take?

Our cribs fit the standard crib mattress size.

All interior crib dimensions and mattress sizes are regulated by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), and manufacturers are required by law to adhere to these standards. With that being said, some mattresses will fit better than others. Much of the reason for this is the varying density between mattresses.

By law, a crib mattress is required to be at least 27.25" x 51.625" when measured from binding edge to binding edge. The interior of a crib can be between 27.375" and 28.625" wide, and 51.75" and 53" long, depending on the manufacturer and crib style. This can result in some space between the mattress and the inside of the crib.

Firm mattresses will generally provide the snuggest fits as they do not compress as easily. Although a mattress may be slightly smaller than another, if it is denser it will likely fill the space better.

To determine if your mattress is a good fit, it is recommended that there should be no more than two fingers width, one inch, between the edge of the mattress and the crib side.

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