For trade discount applications, submit a request. 


Q: Can you clarify what you mean by 5 uses? Is that within a calendar year and then it resets? Or do we get a new code after 5 uses? 

A: The discount code can be used for a total of 5 orders with no time limit. Once you’ve used the discount code 5 times, please just reach out and we can send a new code.  

Q: I don’t have a tax-exempt form. Can I provide my EIN as proof of business?   

A: Yes, please attach your EIN as a proof of business and we can proceed with setting up your trade account. 

Q: Can you ship a trade order to the residential address? What is the shipping cost? 

A: Yes, you can provide either a residential or commercial address when you checkout online. Please provide the customers phone number if you would prefer for them to receive the delivery scheduling call if the item is being delivered as “room of choice”.  

Please refer to our shipping details page for shipping cost information. 

Q: Can you place my order for me?  

A: To simplify the ordering process, we provide a discount code that can be applied at checkout. Please make sure to use your email address specified when your trade discount code was set up.  

Q: What is the quoted price with the discount for X product?  

A: The easiest way to get an accurate final order price is to place all  items in the cart and proceed to check out. Once the discount code is applied the final sales amount will reflect the trade discount.   

Q: My order is not working, can I use a different email address?  

A: Yes, we can update your trade account with a new email address for the discount code. Please provide the best email address to use.  

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